Dive Services

Not sure what you need or what it costs? We’re here to help! Here are a list of the dive services we provide. Call today for a free estimate!

Underwater Survey

Bulkhead inspection; propeller entanglements; line or netting around shaft; damaged hull; Our divers will do an underwater inspection, and provide photos and video.

Hull Cleaning

Having your hull cleaned regularly is the best way to reduce your fuel consumption and avoid a haul out. Our divers will complete a hull and transom cleaning so you prevent heavy bottom growth, ensuring top speed and a smooth ride.

Zinc replacement

Anode (zinc) replacements are critical. When two unlike metals are underwater (for example a stainless steel shaft and brass propeller) they cause a charge similar to a battery. The result? Corrosion of the metal parts of your boat. We can replace anodes which will prevent this corrosion and protect your investment. Typically, anodes need to be replaced every 6 months depending on size, quantity, the marina where you are docked, the boat itself and others moored around you. Click here to learn more about why you need to change your zincs.

Propeller Changes

Save yourself the cost of hauling your boat. We can remove propellers that need to be changed or reconditioned.

Bottom Paint Assessment

A quality bottom paint job can help increase efficiency in the water to achieve top speed, minimize the growth organisms and help to maintain the overall performance of your vessel. Our divers can assess your boats bottom paint to determine if it needs to be refinished.

Keel Cooler Powerwash

Our diver’s can powerwash your keel coolers or your hull. This can be especially useful when there is extensive growth or for a spring cleaning. Click below to see a video of an underwater powerwashing.

Item Recovery

Keys, phones and expensive sunglasses can all be recovered by our divers. The sooner you call, the better your chances are of recovery. Changes over time due to tides and sediment build up can lessen our success rate.

Underwater Marine Construction

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